Planters getting started

Overnight- Corn, wheat and soybean futures all traded lower overnight.

Fundamentally, the grain and oil seed markets do not have much price friendly news.

We have bigger stocks than last year especially in corn

US weather the last few weeks has been conducive to a good planting season.

We do believe demand is a little better than currently stated other than soybean exports which will likely drop at some point.

We have the April WASDE on Thursday with the possibility of smaller Brazilian crops and higher corn demand.

These are all known to the market but maybe seeing it in print will attract some buyers.

CPI tomorrow will give a fresh inflation read.


We will be watching CPI tomorrow and then any friendly adjustments from the USDA on Thursday. The grains are not participating in this commodity rally so far which has been disappointing, and maybe we will see some good action from this week’s news. NFC Grain Comments Options -new (33)

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