Live Cattle

Until they reach 600-800lbs, live cattle are specially raised for beef production. This process begins when they are calves and ends when they reach the required weight; after this, they are then transferred to feedlots and considered “feeder cattle”. Contracts for live cattle in the CME are for 40,000lbs (or 18 metric tons).

Live Hog

Each year, about 125 million hogs are harvested and demand for pork is strong and growing. Lean hog is the most common source for pork meat in the U.S. The contracts are for 40,000 pounds of Lean Hogs and call for cash settlement based on the lean hog index. The lean hog index is a two-day weighted average of cash markets.

Feeder Cattle

Feeder cattle futures enable traders to be a part of a market that includes price demand for feed grain and the cattle themselves. After reaching 600-800lbs, feeder cattle are fed a certain diet to inhibit a quick weight gain. When feeder cattle mature to 1,200 lbs., they are sold to meat packers to be butchered.

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