Individual traders, grain elevators, farmers, investors and commercial firms are among the diverse, global participant base that trade this fully electronic contract; the most liquid and active market in grain and oilseeds, trading on average more than 350,000 contracts per day.


Individuals traders, grain elevators, farmers, investors and commercial firms are among those around the world using this fully electronic contract to manage risk, seek rewards and/or diversify portfolios.  Soybean futures are one of the most active, liquid and vibrant global markets.


Wheat futures prices are particularly susceptible to changes in the weather. Massive droughts or floods can negatively affect the supply of wheat, which will in turn increase the price of wheat futures. Prices in competitive commodity futures products such as corn and rice futures are also a factor.

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NFC Markets provides comprehensive, personalized full service brokerage to commodity hedgers. Commercial producers and farmers rely on efficient and expert futures brokerage services, delivered by our seasoned broker team.

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