What are Managed

A type of alternative investment program, managed futures provide investors an opportunity to invest in the futures and options on futures markets. Managed futures programs are managed by NFC trading professionals. A managed futures investment operates under a separately managed account (SMA) structure; each portfolio is managed as a single individual account, allowing for increased liquidity and transparency.

Key Benefits of Managed Futures Investing

As an alternative to traditional investments, managed futures have the potential to provide key portfolio benefits:


Potential for Enhanced Overall Portfolio Returns

Reduced Overall Portfolio Risk

Profit Potential In All Economic Environments

Transparency & Liquidity

Tax Advantages

Our Team

Market Focus

Our program is focused primarily on trading lean hog futures and options but includes futures and options in cattle and grains as well.

Why Invest in Managed Futures with New Frontier Capital Markets?

NFC’s managers use experiential knowledge and proprietary research to carefully execute trades and manage market risks. Our dynamic blueprint includes fundamental inputs, industry leading research, historical price analysis, statistical probabilities, seasonal trends and technical charting.

In addition to our cash and product models, technical analysis and knowledge of commodity market conditions, our proprietary trades include pre-trade risk factors, entry and exit points.

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