Argy Soya Dollar is not slowing down the soybean market

The Chinese protest and Argy Soya Dollar’s 2nd round has not slowed down the soybean rally. Soybeans were up 3 cents yesterday and up 13 overnight. Argentina saw the most farmer selling of soybeans since early October but they are slow to plant this year because of dry soils and that means more to the market than the export selling. China did come in for a modest amount of soybeans for export and some think they are getting ready to relax their Covid policies and the soybean market is sniffing it out but at some point the big crop in Brazil needs to put pressure on prices. Corn is content to stay in a range between the 100 & 200 day moving averages. For today, 6.61 to 6.82 for corn & 14.45 to 14.85 for soybeans. NFC Grain Comments Options -11.30.22 (1)

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