Rate Cuts Unlikely

The Federal Reserve’s plan to cut interest rates this year is increasingly unlikely due to persistent inflation and strong US economic growth. Economic data, such as inflation reports, are significantly influencing investor sentiment and causing them to scale back their expectations of rate cuts. The upcoming consumer price inflation data for March is expected to be higher than anticipated, further reducing expectations of a rate cut.
The Fed itself has acknowledged the possibility of changing course. While they projected three rate cuts in December, their most recent projections maintained that plan despite higher inflation and growth forecasts. However, some experts argue that economic conditions no longer justify those cuts. Inflation should increase commodity price action across the board and has the potential to push new highs in the coming months.

See more on the Feds Decision here: https://www.ft.com/content/680c17d1-0d55-4697-aff8-7dcca8c06679

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