Latest on Bird Flu– April 3rd, 2024


  • Wild birds: The avian flu outbreak continues to be a significant concern across the US, with over 9,200 confirmed cases.
  • Poultry flocks: Despite the challenges, efforts to control the outbreak are ongoing. Sporadic outbreaks persist in poultry farms, and over 82 million birds have been culled as a preventive measure. Sporadic infections have been reported in dairy cattle in Texas and Kansas. 

Human Cases:

  • A confirmed case in Texas (April 1, 2024) involved a person exposed to infected dairy cattle.
  • Infection involves mild illness and recovery.

Economic Impact:

  • The outbreak has significantly impacted the poultry industry, increasing egg and poultry prices.
  • Cattle Prices have fluctuated significantly following the confirmation of transmission of the Avian flu at a Texan dairy farm.

Public Health Risk:

  • The CDC considers the current public health risk from avian flu low.
  • Human infections with bird flu viruses are uncommon, and the current strain appears to cause mild illness in humans.

Overall, the latest news has put stress on the Cattle and Poultry markets, with Cal-Maine ceasing Poultry production and depopulating significant stock following confirmed infections. The news is yet to settle in the market as producers determine the necessity of herd depopulation in the coming weeks. Additionally, it is still being determined how the buying public will react to the news despite assurances that poultry, dairy, and beef products do not carry the Avian flu. 

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