Feeder Cattle Market

Market Recap:

  • Feeder Cattle (FC) Contracts: All nearby and deferred contracts are down $1.95 to $3.10 per hundredweight (cwt).
  • Cash Trade: Limited reported activity, with some trade in the South at steady prices compared to last week ($182/cwt).
  • Technical Indicators: The recent price drop may have triggered some technical selling, with traders taking profits and pushing prices lower.

Key Drivers:

  • Profit-Taking: The recent price gains in feeder cattle might have enticed some traders to lock in profits, contributing to the decline.
  • Lack of Packer Buying: The absence of intense buying activity in the cash cattle market may be due to [specific reasons], which could fuel some weakness in feeder cattle futures.Broader Market Sentiment: A slightly bearish sentiment across commodities, in general, could be putting additional downward pressure on feeder cattle futures.

Looking Ahead:

  • Monitoring slaughter rates and packer buying activity in the cash cattle market will be crucial for feeder cattle in the near term. This information empowers our audience to make informed investment decisions, as increased slaughter activity could signal demand for feeder cattle, potentially leading to a price rebound


The feeder cattle market, while facing some headwinds following a period of solid gains, maintains a relatively positive long-term outlook. Factors like global protein demand and a potentially tightening domestic herd contribute to this stability. This reassurance should instill confidence in our audience about the market’s resilience.

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