Corn 94% planted

Wheat and corn were the leaders yesterday as thoughts of a possible grain corridor became less likely. Wheat was up over 40 cents and corn up 15 cents. Yesterday afternoon we got a look at the first corn condition rating and it did not disappoint at 73% GTE. Corn planting is at 94 % and soybeans are 78% planted with ND & MN still needing to plant over 6 million acres of soybeans. There is time for soybeans to get planted but that is a big number. They are looking for dryer and somewhat warmer weather so that will help progress. Warmer weather is on tap next week and should help crop progress. We need to look forward to June WASDE on Friday as the late planting and Ukraine situation will be big factors in the numbers that are printed in that report. We have upward momentum in corn and need to watch 755 as major resistance in corn. For soybeans, watch 1685 for support. NFC Grain Comments Options -6.7.22

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