Brazil dryness narrows

Corn and soybeans are off overnight with wheat slightly higher.

Wheat fundamentals look better but cannot sustain a rally after last Friday’s report.

ECB yields remain solid while WCB are more variable.

Will yields fall off as we get into later planted fields?

USD trading a little lower about 60 cents off its highs.

Can the dollar start moving lower?

Weekly exports: corn 2.47 MMT, soybeans 808K tons and wheat 273K tons.

Dry areas in Brazil have received some rains and with this week’s forecasts the dry areas narrow to less than 25%

Argentina is not as lucky and remains dry.

Support and resistance

4.81 & 12.56 for support

4.91 & 12.82 for resistance NFC Grain Comments Options -10.5.23

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