Bird Flu Updates– Avian Infection Spreads to Cattle

Avian influenza, a deadly virus affecting poultry for two years, has taken a new turn by infecting cattle in Kansas and Texas for the first time. While there’s no risk to the milk supply due to pasteurization, experts warn that this is a severe development.
Wild birds are suspected of spreading the virus, posing a challenge to farm biosecurity. Since these dairies are open environments, unlike poultry farms, mitigating the spread will be complex. Farmers can take steps like limiting access to feed sources and monitoring animals for fever and unusual milk production.
As migratory birds travel along the Mississippi Flyway, the risk to livestock could increase. Experts urge cattle and swine producers to be vigilant, as swine is especially susceptible to influenza viruses.
The spread of influenza to the cattle population could influence meat supplies in the coming months if avian flu continues to progress across cattle regions.

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