Sale of 10.4 million bushels of corn to Mexico

The sale of 10.4 million bushels of corn to Mexico will have a limited upward effect on U.S. grain prices, likely outweighed by the ongoing pressure from the Chinese export cancellations. Here’s why:

  • Sale Volume: 10.4 million bushels is a relatively small amount compared to the total U.S. corn production (billions of bushels). While positive, it won’t significantly increase demand and drive prices up.
  • China Cancellation Impact: The Chinese cancellation of grain imports is likely a much larger volume and will have a stronger downward pressure on prices. This will likely outweigh the small upward push from the Mexican sale.
  • Timing: Two-thirds of the sale is for the current marketing year, meaning it was likely already factored into existing price outlooks.

However, the Mexican sale is positive news for U.S. corn farmers and could have a slight dampening effect on the overall price decline caused by China.

Here’s a broader perspective:

  • Long-Term Impact: The Mexican sale strengthens a key trading relationship for U.S. corn, which could benefit farmers in the long run by offering a reliable export market.
  • Market Sentiment: This sale might offer some positive sentiment to the corn market, but its impact on actual prices will likely be minimal.


The U.S. corn sale to Mexico is a positive development, but it’s unlikely to significantly alter the downward pressure on prices caused by the larger Chinese export cancellations.

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