Pro Farmer Tour still finding tough looking crops

The Pro Farmer Crop Tour has yet to find any really good yields in SD, NE, IN or OH. They released their findings for Indiana and Nebraska last night. Indiana corn was 8% lower than last year but right on 3-year average and their soybeans were 6% off last year but 1.5% better than the 3-year average. Nebraska’s numbers reflected the extreme weather stress. NE corn came in at 158.5 down 13% and 10% below the 3-year average and their beans were off 13.3% from LY and 14.6% below the 3-year average. So their soybeans have been hit hard. We will be getting reads from W IA and IL today and are hoping for some better numbers otherwise we are going to be tight coming out of harvest. Watch the overnight highs of 6.67 and 14.80 ¼ for first resistance. We expect some firm pricing out of the gate. NFC Grain Comments Options -8.24.22

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