Pro Farmer Tour saved the best for last.

The Pro Farmer Crop Tour saved the best for last with Minnesota and Iowa as its last 2 released estimates. Minnesota corn clocked in at 190.4 which is +5.2% and soybeans + 7.3% vs the 3-year averages. Iowa corn is even with the 3-year average while their soybeans are 1.5% over. Some great readings in MN and pretty solid for Iowa considering how tough the SW area looked. The tour will release its final yield estimates this afternoon after the markets close. The final may look different than what the individual numbers look like. The EU Commission dropped their corn crop estimate to 59.3 MMT down from 65 MMT. USDA was actually a little ahead of the curve with their cut to 60 MMT last in the last WASDE. For today we will watch 6.42 & 14.22 for 1st support and 6.62 and 14.60 for 1st resistance. NFC Grain Comments Options -8.26.22 (1)

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