Pro Farmer Crop Tour kicks off today

Prices remain firm overnight even with cooler and wetter weather on the horizon. The 7-day forecast puts some rain into the Dakotas and Nebraska. This could help the soybean crop but will do little for the corn crop. Pro Farmer Crop Tour will give us a boots on the ground look into crop conditions across the belt. We will see how bad the WCB looks and how good the ECB looks. The $ index continues to move towards the July highs but has not been able to hold back commodities. The UN is working with the US and Europe to help Russia with grain and fertilizer exports. These exports have no sanctions on them and it is a maneuver to tamp down food inflation by the UN. For today we will watch 6.08 & 13.96 for support and 6.25 & 14.22 as 1st resistance. NFC Grain Comments Options -8.22.22

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