More corn selling to finish the month?

Corn lost 28 cents last week while soybeans only lost 3. USDA outlook forum gave the market a bearish enough carryout to give bears confidence to start selling corn. Old crop led the way down as traders rolled out of March contracts into May as first notice day approaches tomorrow. The USD moved back over 105.00 last week for the first time since early January as more hawking Fed activity gets priced in putting a drag on our exports. Soybeans held in better as the Argentina estimates continue to get cut. Safras has Brazil soybean harvest at 30% which is significantly behind and now half of the 2nd crop corn will go in after March 1st which could lead to lower yields. For today we will watch 6.48 & 15.15 for support and 6.62 & 15.32 for resistance. NFC Grain Comments Options -2.27.23

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