Higher prices coming out of the night session.

Corn and soybeans are higher coming out of the night session. Ukraine currently has control of Kyiv but Russia continues to attack Odessa. They have reportedly damaged storage facilities near the ports. There had been some negotiations over video call but no real progress made. Here is the US we are moving past the acreage report and the higher than expected shift to soybeans but the more you look at the landscape all the principle crops should be well supported as we have less than ideal weather conditions currently and the bulk of the growing regions have yet to start planting. Soybeans will also be supported with bullish veg oil fundamentals. China came in with a huge purchase of corn over the weekend buying 1.084 MMT of corn with 676K of that being old crop. Look for firm prices this morning. NFC Grain Comments 4.4.22 (3)

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