Grain Market Comparison 2014 & 2024

 December ’24 Corn – 2014 Lessons

The Dec ’24 CBOT corn contract, with its similarities in price averages to 2014, presents an intriguing comparison. However, the intricate trajectory and underlying fundamentals demand a nuanced approach, urging us to avoid simplistic parallels.

Key Considerations:

  • Prices: The Dec ’24 and 2014 markets present contrasting trends. Dec ’24 has experienced sustained weakness this year, while 2014 saw sharp early gains before a mid-year correction.
  • Speculators: Persistent fund net-short positions throughout 2024 contrast sharply with the net-long shift observed in early 2014. This bearish sentiment could be exerting pressure on Dec ’24.
  • Supply:  USDA’s projected surge in U.S. 2024/25 ending stocks echoes 2014, though smaller in magnitude. This potential overhang needs monitoring.
  • Exports: Demand for U.S. corn exports lacks the upside surprise seen in 2014. Additionally, Brazil’s expanded market share creates stiffer competition.
  • South America: 2024 crop concerns in Brazil and Argentina are valid, but the landscape has shifted. Brazil’s production potential dramatically lessens the potential supply shock compared to a decade ago.


The 2014 analogy offers some context but could be a better template. Several distinct factors are at play in the current market:

  • Bearish speculator stance could continue weighing on Dec ’24 prices.
  • Ample supply expectations and intense Brazilian competition may hinder significant upside movement.
  • Crop risks in South America remain crucial, but the potential market impact may dampen compared to past seasons.

Critical Factor: The USDA’s outlook on Friday (May 10th) is paramount. Revisions to supply and demand projections could materially alter the current analysis, potentially shifting market dynamics.

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