First Notice Next Week

Overnight- Corn and wheat traded slightly higher overnight while soybeans continue to decline.

Weekly export sales were decent for corn and wheat but a marketing year lower for soybeans.

Brazil is just too cheap for US to compete on the export market.

South American weather is getting a little dicey but probably not an upside market driver yet.

We are starting to see some entities curbing Argentina production estimates

Not big cuts but any drop in the world balance sheets will be welcome

First notice day for March grain futures is next Thursday, which means March basis contracts need to be priced or rolled before Thursday.

If we were not to see pressure on March, the next few sessions would be a good sign.


We do not have the bullish news we need to turn these markets around, but the markets are searching for value buyers. Fridays are not usually days for buying but we will see if the funds will take their foot off the gas. NFC Grain Comments Options -new (3)

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