Feeder Cattle Market Updates

Market Trends:

Uneven Prices: Feeder cattle under 650 lbs experienced uneven pricing, with most sales ranging from $2.00 lower to $2.00 higher than the previous week– Cattle over 650 lbs sold steadily to $2.00 lower.

Regional Variations: Auction summaries from various states, such as Illinois, underscore the significant differences in prices for feeder cattle, highlighting the importance of considering weight class and region when making pricing decisions.

Factors Influencing the Market:

Demand: Demand for feeder cattle remains moderate to good, with strong interest in cattle expected to reach finished weights during the winter months.

Supply: While the overall supply of feeder cattle is moderate, the availability of heavier-weight yearling cattle has been mostly flat in recent weeks.

Futures Market: The pressure on fall feeder cattle contracts, with declines of $8.00 to $9.60, serves as a crucial signal for potential cash market price changes, providing valuable insights for investors.

Overall Outlook:

The feeder cattle market is navigating a complex landscape with fluctuating demand, varying supply levels, and pressure from the futures market. Despite some price declines, demand remains relatively strong, particularly for lighter-weight cattle. 

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